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  • Brad - They both come with 3 magazines, in a soft nylon case. Both share same basic features. Color is different and obviously, Buds cost is more on the black than on the FDE model, based on the price difference. Someopne here will try to tell you itt is because Buds has fewer of the black ones in stock ... but they can never explain how that is true, since Buds has only 10 of the FDE in stock .. and if low stock determined prices, wouldn't 10 be considered low stock? Buds prices are based on replacement costs, as they say on their web site - pure and simple

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  • Brad, color difference only. Buds prices are tied directly to stock level so the cost difference is due to the number of each model in stock at the present time.

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  • the color is the only real difference

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  • Brad, the only difference is the frame color, 66966 being black and 66-100351 being flat dark earth. The model numbers for the Black/FDE guns are in entirely different catalog from the all FDE and all black guns for whatever reason.

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