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  • will this work on my rifle

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  • I have a Henry 45-70 scoped but can not use the iron sights in low light. will this see thru ring mount work. the scope is a bushnell with a 1" tube. thanks.

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  • Sometimes when you put high see through rings on a lever gun that kicks like this the scope will hit you in the eye because your head is unsupported and your neck will flex and let your head swing forward to meet the scope. A low mounted low power scope is hard to beat on a gun like this. With your cheek firmly on the stock your head will go rearward with the gun and you won't get hurt.

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  • I have had see thru rings on a couple of guns many years ago and had moderate success with them. Not the best solution, but yes the should work on your Henry if you have the right kind of mounting rail. Henry sells a Picatinny and Weaver style mounts although I believe the Picatinny mount has "angled" edges that will allow a Weaver style clamp to fit. If the picture of the rings you inserted in your question are the actual rings and there is only one screw per ring you should be fine. You might also consider a lower power scope instead of see thru mounts, say a variable 1.5x to 4x for low light use. Higher powered scopes diminish the amount of light coming through and are too dim in most low light conditions. Setting a the lowest magnification level (1.5x) will give you almost full available light, slightly magnified view and better field of view than the see-thru rings will have. Just a suggestion to consider.

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  • As long as your scope is a 1" diameter, yes.

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  • These should do the trick just fine.

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