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  • I think the size of this Pistol is perfect for a co ceal carry for a woman, there only issue i could forsee is that this is chambered in 40SW, which while its not as strong as a full pressure 10mm or 45acp, its going to have more kick then a 9mm.
    If you've shot 40SW and are good with the recoil, then by all means this gun will be perfect, if you haven't shot a lot and haven't handled anything in 40cal id either go rent one at a range, or if your unable to do so, id probably start out with 9mm.
    They do make this gun in a 9mm *the SD9VE*
    In stock here

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  • You might also look into getting a Ruger Max 9, which very similar to the p365. And the Hellcat.

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  • Shirley, this is a full size service handgun and there are better conceal carry options size wise. I would highly recommend the Taurus G2C :

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