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Ask the Community

  • money in-hand and ready to buy

    Asked 10/21/2019 09:40 PM CT
    by unnamed user in Hand Gun

  • am still waiting on the sig p226 elite in stainless to be in stock, anyone have any idea when. or where i can buy one in 9mm, THANKS !!!

    2 Answers

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  • 10/21/2019 09:58 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 46971 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Albert, these are out of stock at online vendors. I would check in the "For Sale" sections at some Sig Forums and also large gun/auction sites like (6)un Broker, (6)uns America and Armslist as hard to find firearms and accessories show up for sale by private individuals and small shops. Just replace (6) with G.

  • 10/21/2019 09:41 PM CT
    by Michael W - Lifetime Points: 3690
  • Albert. Be patient.