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  • Sling for Zastava PAP M90

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  • I was looking at the Zastava M90 and I really like the rifle. However, I didn't see any sling mounts for it. I looked online (not here) but was told it didn't come with a sling and cannot have slings on it. I looked on youtube and there was a man who did have a sling on it so I am guessing it does. If it can use a sling what would be the best one for this rifle?

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  • Mark, buds has two M90 rifles in stock. One with wood furniture and that has standard sling attachment points like the m70. So the slings I referred you to earlier would also work for the wood stocked one. The one with the polymer Magpul Zhukov folding stock has qd/quick detach holes to install a sling that way. If you look at the stock at the top rear you will see a hole, you will put the qd sling swivel in that hole to attach the sling. You can use buds search and type in ( qd sling swivel ) and attach a sling that way or if interested here's a link to a sling that includes the qd swivels necessary to attach it. Hope this helps, link here................

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  • Hi Mark, I used a standard Yugo Sling. ------------- Simple but effective. Cheers and stay safe!

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