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  • Legal Georgia

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  • I have a 300 blackout ARP am I allowed to have an adjustable stock on the back in the state of Georgia?

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  • Hi David, short answer is no Sir. If the barrel is less than 16 inches, the only way to add an adjustable Stock/Brace is to register it as an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) and pay a $200 Tax Stamp. 16 inch or longer barrel is perfectly legal. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • David, no not without a tax stamp. Unfortunately a stock or because of Biden/atf you can't even add a pistol brace without registering it with the atf and paying for a $200 tax stamp. Unfortunately the atf just changed the definition of a stock to include pistol braces. So adding a brace or stock to a pistol changes it from a pistol into a SBR/short barreled rifle and those type of firearms require a lengthy process of getting a tax stamp for. So you can add a stock/brace but before doing so you would have to register it with the ATF, pay $200 for the stamp, fill out alot of paperwork, get finger prints, and wait likely 6 months to a year for them to process your form before you can add the stock to your pistol. They make sure it's such a Hassle to add one that it makes you not want to anymore. Sorry but hope this helps.

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  • David, no, putting a stock on your ARP will turn it into a short barrel rifle. You would need to register it with the ATF and pay a $200 tax before you put the stock on.

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  • It's illegal to possess the following arms in Georgia:
    Sawed-off shotgun or rifle.
    Machine gun.
    Dangerous weapon ("rocket launcher," "bazooka" or "recoilless rifle," "mortar," "hand grenade") or silencer.
    So to answer your question...yes, perfectly legal.

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