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  • Have a question about buying a gun

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  • When buying a gun from a gun store is there a questionnaire that you have to fill out

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  • Darryl, yes sir, you will have to fill out a 4473 form for a background check/transfer. You will have to do so if buying in person or online. If you buy from a online shop they will ship the firearm to a FFL dealer/gunshop so they can perform the background check/transfer. The shop will also likely charge a fee to perform the background check/transfer, it normally ranges between $20-$50. Sometimes if you buy the firearm directly from the gunshop they won't charge to do so. My local shop charges $20 if I buy online and have it shipped to him and $5 if I buy the firearm from him. Hope this helps.

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  • Yes. Must answer correctly!

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  • The Good Ol 4473 form EVERY firearm purchaser MUST fill out in order for a background check to be run and complete the transfer of said firearm. Most shops will charge a fee of $20-$50, or more in some cases, to handle the background/transfer paperwork. Sometimes, after a background check, one may experience a delay in taking ownership of a firearm. This could be for any number of reasons, not necessarily anything on your part. It just means the FBI may want to do a more thorough check. For example: someone else has the same name or just some BS that caused it. Usually a delay is only for a short period. But, if the gunshop doesn't get a reply after a certain amount of time regarding your BG check (this time may vary from state to state) you'll then be able to take possession.
    Good Luck!!

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  • Hi Darryl, you fill out ATF Form 4473 at your selected local FFL Dealer. Once they receive your firearm they will contact you to come in a do the paperwork. After completion you pay the customary transfer fee, usually $25 to $40 depending on the FFL Dealer and you then take your new tool home. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Darryl, yes, if buying in person, you must fill out from 4473, then the FFL will do a background check. If buying on line, you will fill out form 4473 at the FFL dealer who you have the gun sent to. You will fill out section 'B' here >>>

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