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  • Warranty for 9 mm derringer

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  • The Cobra Bearman 9mm derringer #723013590 has mixed ratings. Is there a warranty? Do they fix it when it breaks?
    Ken Whitley, San Angelo, TX

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  • Ken, yes sir, cobra firearms have a lifetime warranty and from what I hear they have pretty good customer service. Hope this helps.

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  • As with most products, you will need to fill out the warranty/registration form. From there, if you incur any problems then you'd pay to ship & insure to Cobra for them to do any warranty work.

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  • Hi Ken, they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and their service after the sale is pretty decent. I would suggest going over it with a fine tooth comb before the transfer is complete at your local FFL Dealer. Just check fit/finish and basic operation. Once home, clean and relube before use and you should be fine. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Ken, Cobra Enterprises backs their products with a lifetime warranty. For repair or service, you must first complete the online form and obtain an RMA number from customer service. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs and insurance. This information will be in your owners manual. Have a great day!

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