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  • Why wont my question get posted

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  • I've tried a few times to get my ??? posted about the Taurus 856 Ultra-Lite Defender w/the 3in barrel but, for whatever reason it's not showing up.
    If this works my question was:
    Will the original stock grips that are on the 2in snubby 856 fit on this model? As I just really prefer the smaller grips for ccw.
    So, a big thank you in advance, for any answers/ insight to my problem and question.... if it gets posted that is

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  • Hi Russell, Yes the grips from the 2" 856UL will fit on the 3" 856UL due to both having the same frame. Try logging out of Buds, clearing your browser cach and logging back in and re-posting. Cheers and stay safe!

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  • Russell, yes sir, they both have the same frame so the grips are interchangeable. Any grips made for a Taurus 856/942 will fit either one. As for your question not posting for some reason buds website hasn't been posting questions if you go to the actual products page and scroll down to the bottom to ask your question. You have to go to the question and answer community page like you did. Hopefully buds will update their website soon to fix this. For any future questions just go to the Q/A page and post with the model number or upc code and we can help you out. Hope this helps and you're very welcome.

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  • Russel, Bud's website updates some time during the overnight hours, and Q & A 's do not show up right away during this update. To answer your question, yes, the grips from the 2" 856UL will fit on the 3" 856UL, as they share the same frame. Have a great day!

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