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  • Shipping magazines

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  • When buying a gun with a magazine capacity over the NJ state limit can they be shipped with the gun if my FFL makes them compliant before transferring the gun to me?

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  • Kiron, as others have mentioned buds won't ship a magazine or firearm that isn't already state compliant. It has to be state compliant before buds will ship it. If magazine capacity is the only restriction buds will ship the firearm but they'll remove the magazine, so you would have to purchase state compliant magazines separately. Sorry but hope this helps.

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  • Hi Kiron, unfortunately Buds will not by their policy. They will remove noncompliant magazines only. Maybe if enough folks make this suggestion, Buds will consider changing this policy :

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  • Unfortunately, Bud's will not ship non-compliant magazines out for your FFL to make compliant. Also, they will not substitute with your states compliant cap mags.

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  • Kiron, unfortunately Bud's will not ship non-compliant magazines, even if your FFL agrees to neuter them. This is a bad policy Bud's has that they should seriously reconsider. Sorry, but that is Bud's policy.

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